Provisions in Force and other important information when renting a summer cottage at " Bianka ´s feriehuse "

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Cancellation: If the lease is cancelled 95 days before movingin, 25 % of the rent goes to the landlord. The lease cannot be cancelled less than 95 days before arrivel.

Key :         The Key as well as the electricity-, phone-, water-, and oil form will be in the white letterbox in the Carport on Hans Egedes Vej 14 after clock 15.and must be filled in and returned to the landlord immediately after the stay, if not otherwise agreed.

Sickniss cancellation insurance: The insurrance premium is 5 % of the rent and covers a sickniss cancellation insurrance where you will get a total refund of rent, deposit etc. at cancellation minus an additioneal fee. The sicness cancellation insurrance covers servere diseases, accidents or deaths until arrivel at the summer residence. For cancelling the resevation, the landlord demands to see a doctor´s statment which is on ones own expense. The insurance applies for spouses, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, parents and grandparents.

Resevation : When making the resevation, a deposit of DKK 500-6000 per week exceeding the rent must bee paid. Deposit covers ( will be set off against ) phone, electrity, oil, ( solar energy in som of the cottaes ) and water as well as lack of cleaning and destruction of inventory / the cottage, if any. The ballance will be returned by bank. Deposi as well as cancellation fee must be paid 6-8 days after making the resevation. Rent, the second payment must be paid sex weeks befor moving in at the latest, ( otherwise DKK 150 will be retained at final settlement ) as well as DKK 395 to a poolcheck when renting a cottage with a pool.

Pets: Can be brought with you to most cottges when agreed, but it is not allowed to unleash them, If one takes a pet to a summer cottage, where it is not allowed to keep pets, it will result in a immediate move and money already paid will be lost and one will have to pay an additionel cleaning of the cottage.

Cleaning : When ordering a final cleaning, departure must take place one hour before agreed. Cleaning can be ordered until one week before arrivel. The prices vary from 800 DKK to Dkk 1900 depending on the size of the cottage. When ordering cleaning after arrivel, the price is DKK more per Cottage.

Any complaints about cleaning must be take place befor moving into the cottage.

Moving in : Arrivel and departure time is stated in the agreement an must bee kept.

Consumption: Phone, electricity, solar, oil, and water will be read by the landlort and the rentingperson at arrivel and departure. The price is 4,00 for kw electricity and Water 90 ( 1000 L ) m3.

Inventory: In the cottages there are : bed-linen, porcelain, cutleryetc. for the number of person which the cottages can hold. One must bring: bed-linen for cribs, cleaning materials, detergent as well as washing-up liquid for the dishwasher, washing powder, softener, floor cloths, dishcloths, dish-towels, firewood, bed-linen and towels. The laetter two may be rented. Packages price DKK 150 / 20 €. Content : one large tery towel, two small terry towels, one dish towel, one dishcloth, one sheet, one duvet cover, one pillowcase. The packages must be ordered at least 14 days before arrivel. The packages must be collected in Fredericia ( the East coast ) and Ringkøbing ( the Weat coast ). However, when agreed the packages can be delivered to the cottage.

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